SerialWizard, a flexible hex viewer!

Project Status

  • Data Engine

    • CompleteConfig & Getopt Parser

    • CompleteTreeview Frames

    • In ProgressLoad/Save Output data file

    • CompleteLoad/Save Input data file

  • Features

    • CompletePlugins

    • Research & DesignChannel Support

    • In ProgressPrinting

    • CompleteRange Support

    • In ProgressSave Configuration

    • In ProgressFind Data

    • In ProgressOpen/Close/Pause Serial Port

    • CompleteCopy Data

    • In ProgressData Formatters

    • Not StartedProjects

    • Not StartedLocalization

  • GUI

    • CompleteSelect data

    • CompleteSupport to multiple columns

    • Not StartedChange Font

    • In ProgressKeyboard Navigation/Shortcuts

Project Progress

Unfortunately I don't have the time I'd like to work with this project, but you can rest assured that I'll keep improving it. Also, if you have some spare time (maybe not so spare :) you can help us.


CompleteModule Complete
In ProgressModule in Progress
Research & Design Research & Design Phase
Not StartedModule Not Started Yet