SerialWizard, a flexible hex viewer!

Do you want to help us?

The very first form of helping in SerialWizard project is to use it, becoming a power user. This way you'll be able to do better in any other form of contribution.

Seriously, I strong believe that this is one of the most important contribution you can give at this stage.


  • Reporting bugs (well, any software is perfect and I'm sure this one is far from to be).

  • Add feature requests

Becoming a Developer

  • Persons interested in becoming a developer on the SerialWizard project should be familiar with the following:

    • C/C++, C#

    • Good programing practices
    • .Net Framework

    • Subversion

Other Forms

  • Documenters and Testers are welcome to join the project.

  • Web designers/developers are welcome also :)

  • Other forms of contributions are welcome.


Here could be some sidebar. You can put here whatever you want. May be some linkroll or some additional information


SerialWizard is released under BSD licence, so, it's realy for free :)