SerialWizard, a flexible hex viewer!

What is SerialWizard?

SerialWizard is a open source utility developed to simplify development of software that uses serial ports (RS232). It's development was motivated to inspect frames sent to/received from RS232 channels.

In order to brake frames into it fields, SerialWizard uses frames parsers which are .Net classes that implement a well known interface. SerialWizard ships with one buit in frame parser (called Generic Protocol Handler) that uses XML to describe a frame layout (i.e. how many fields it has, the length/type of each field, etc.). For more details take a look in Generic Protocol Handler.

During its development it became clear to me that it would be possible to use it as a hexadecimal viewer; so I started to add features so that it's able to display files in hexadecimal.

Enjoy it! I hope it may be useful to you ;)

Main Features

SerialWizard's main features may be sumarized as:

  • Send/receive data through RS232 ports.
  • Inspect frames sent to /received from RS232 ports.
  • Break frame into fields.
  • Delimit each frame.
  • Others...

How can I help?

The very first form of helping in SerialWizard project is to use it, becoming a power user. This way you'll be able to do better in any other form of contribution.

Seriously, I strong believe that this is one of the most important contribution you can give at this stage.



  • 22/08/2007 New website


SerialWizard is released under BSD licence, so, it's realy for free :)